Landy Eng Biography

Landy Eng is known on three continents for his creativity, risk-taking and trailblazing. Born in fast-paced New York to a Hainanese immigrant father and Cantonese-Brazilian mother, this is where Landy became a dreamer.

His dream was simple: travel the world while making a positive impact. He achieved this by being an eternal optimist in people and believing that "everything is possible."

Although Landy failed English in 1st grade and was the smallest member of his high school varsity track team (hurdler, sprinter, long jumper), he attended New York University on an athlete-scholar grant and studied engineering, economics and business while taking electives in the film school. He competed against the best track and field athletes in America, breaking several records and garnering the unofficial title, fastest Asian in America. In college, he showed his leadership & vision when he single handedly convinced the NYU president to begin Mandarin courses at the university so he and his classmates could prepare for the China market.

Landy also did several work-study gigs in college as a YMCA Assistant Sports Director; track, basketball and volleyball coach; special intern to the United Nations and the Mayor’s Office of the City of New York. Ultimately, he was offered fulltime positions by all of his employers upon graduation from NYU.

Landy received his first taste of corporate life as a member of Citibank's prestigious MBA training program in New York City (90% are Ivy League) and quickly climbed the international ranks to an AssistantVice President level while living and working in: New York, Caracas, Sao Paulo, Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Nassau, Quito, La Paz and Mexico City.

Landy picked up Portugese and Spanish and developed a love for the Latin American culture which continues today. "His appreciation for Latin food, music and the Samba is a testimony to how much he loves the Latin culture," said one of the Ambassadors from Brazil.

While still at Citibank, he managed to have his first newspaper series published in New York, a four part series called about the Chinese in America.

Landy was promoted to a much coveted position to staff Citibank¡¯s Chairman and President and direct some of its Public Relations programs which included the banks corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, public & government relations and branding. It was during this period that Landy began to understand the powers of publicity, philanthropy and community leadership.

As an entrepreneur, Landy started invested in a variety of his small businesses ranging from TV talent agencies, news publications to integrated chip manufacturers.

Landy was one of the more successful Americans to do business in China and one of the first to receive permanent residency in China.

He pioneered one of the first business exchanges and training programs with the U.S. for the Chinese government with the Bureau of Science and Technology under China¡¯s powerful State Council. China considers Landy one of China’s first friends who understood the term relationship' and who came to China to make friends first.

On the community front, he led the Asian Business League through its early years - a period of intense growth and high public visibility. He propelled the organization into a leadership position in the American business landscape. He appeared often in the press and accepted the small business award from the U.S. Department of Small Business.

t was during this period of time that Landy joined the boards of over a dozen civic organizations (World Affairs Council; World Trade Commission) and was recognized by the political establishment to be a possible contender for congress and the mayor's office. The San Francisco Chronicle identified Landy to be "one of the top 39 leaders to watch in the city."

Landy created, produced and hosted CNBC's first Asian talk show, "Driven", which made the word "driven" into an action word in today's business vocabulary. Jackie Chan, Peter Weir, Sumi Jo, Yo Yo Ma, Jewel, Marina Mahathir, Joan Chen, James Riady have all been on his show. Landy began the boom in Asian talk shows that we now see on the air.

Landy, through his company "Driven Productions," continues as a creator, director/producer in television by creating new concepts & shows for such broadcasters as Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel. He has traveled to China, Macau, Hong Kong, India, UK, France, Italy and Belgium for international productions.

Landy started eAngelz, which had over 15,000 supporters. The company is known for its effective networking events called AngelzNites and its high profile BBC Visionaries and Leaders series. Besides BBC, other corporations like IBM, Sun, The Edge, SG Private Bank, International Herald Tribune, CNN, Fuji Xerox, Cartier, Marriot Hotels, Shangri-la Hotels and the Intercontinental Hotels have all supported the company and its events.

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