Landy was appointed - and re-appointed - as the highest ranking Asian American official in the Office of the California Governor. Landy was called the "Governor's Ambassador to Asia" with a portfolio which included Hollywood, the environment and technology. He had wide access toAsian leaders and senior corporate officials. While living in Hong Kong on this appointment, he became known for his fascinating events designed to promote California's industries.

Recently, Landy accepted and, succeeded in turning-around a 24 year old youth charity ĎYouth Challenge (Singapore)Ď proving that business and entrepreneurial skills with a community touch can be both desirable and effective leadership and managerial characteristics even in the philanthropic world. He turned this organization around in just 7 months!

FAQ with Landy Eng

To use your own question from your successful talk show, "what drives you?" Is it money?

Money has not been the driving force for me. If I believe in what I do, I'm passionate about it..very passionate. The money seems to
come naturally. It's never been my main goal.

What do you plan next?

I've been able to re-invent myself several times. I'm looking for a special project which would be exciting and have an impact. Maybe a TV series or a film with a special message, coaching a professional soccer team or planning the Olympics. Or, even another charity or community effort. We'll see.

You seem to have traveled everywhere. Which are the best cities you've lived in and why would make you go back?

Rio, San Francisco and Hong Kong were by far the most beautiful. And, of course, how could I not mention New York and Singapore?

Youíve met many important people? Who stands out amongst all of them?

Thatís easy. President Xanana Gusmao has been to my home for dinner, heís a charismatic leader with an unequal history of passion for his country and cause. Iíve met Arnold Schwarzenegger, now Governor of California, over steak and cigars in his restaurant in Santa Monica, heís a driven person. Iíve spent a week working with the actress, Karen Mok, whose character and personality I greatly admire. Iíve had breakfast with Al Gore and just a few friends to explore new projects. Iíve been over to Senator Diane FeinsteiníS home in San Francisco to plan strategy. And, Iíve interviewed Yo Yo Ma who I consider a most genuine person and gentleman, a real giver!

Are you a romantic?

Isn't everyone?

Written by Alissa N., Intern